Welcome Readers to the PEOPLESPETPALS blog page. I titled my blog page “PETCETERA” because the posts you find here will be a collaboration of various animal topics. I am truly excited because I have so much material and so many ideas to share with you! We certainly will not run out of topics to discuss. I hope you enjoy my blog and find my website to be entertaining as well as informative. A list of topics that could be discussed here are  nutrition, health care, behavioral issues, health insurance, breeding, pet shows, just to name a few. The ideas discussed here are a collection of information I want to pass along to you. If that my information is incorrect please advise. I want to give you the best and most accurate information. The idea of this website came to me several years ago with thoughts that a website such as PEOPLESPETPALS could have great benefits for animals and the people who love them. I have always been an advocate for animals and my website was the tool I needed to change things for the good of animals everywhere. What started out as a basic animal website has now become a networking site where you can make friends with others who enjoy animals just as much as you do. Most of my days are filled with thoughts of ways I can make this website better. I can assure you that I am 100% vested in this adventure. PEOPLESPETPALS offers you a networking section where you can make friends, message others, post items to a wall for others to like and share, and the ability to upload pictures and videos. Membership is FREE and we encourage all to join. We invite you to make a profile and share with us what you feel is special about your animal or animals. PEOPLESPETPALS has tried to include all animal groups, breeds and varieties. If there is a group or breed we do not have listed we apologize and would like to add that group for you. Please use our contact form to forward that information to us.

Here is a some of the features PEOPLESPETPALS has to offer you, even if you decide not to become a member;

Our Amazing Stories page is full of fascinating stories submitted by others of animals doing amazing things. Some of these stories show animals saving lives not only of people but also of other animals. From these stories you can see that animals have feelings just as people do and their intelligence levels could surprise you. If you have an amazing animal story please share with us.

Our Heroes page honors animals and humans who have done something substantial for the animal community. We support the Animal Hero Awards and appreciate the The Daily Mirror, Webbox, and the RSPCA for their effort in organizing such a great event. People and animals who do these great selfless acts should be recognized. Please take time to visit the Animal Hero Awards page where you can read about this years winners as well as winners from previous years. I’m sure you will enjoy these stories of kindness and inspiration. You will also find a link to nominate an animal or person who you think should be considered for one of the Animal Hero Award categories.

Our Lost and Found pages which can be used as a resource to help animals find their way back to the families who miss them. As a follow up we would like to share stories of happy reunions, and would appreciate if you let us know if our website has been a helpful resource in finding your pet. Please share these stories on our Reunited Pets page so we can encourage others to stay hopeful in finding their pet or pets.

Our R.I.P page is where you can memorialize the passing of your pet and honor and remember them always. Unfortunately we do not hold funerals for our pet friends and sometimes we never get the closure we need. To help you deal with the pain from your loss we would like you to post a eulogy or memorial for your pet. Posting your pets memorial will help you keep their memory alive and share how really special they were with others. We hope by sharing your pets memory there is some type of healing and solace for you.

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