This article was a difficult one for me to write. Normally, I try to choose subjects of interest that are entertaining or informational. With each written piece, a certain amount of research is required. I try to find information which is important, relevant, and accurate to the subject I am writing about. I was very saddened to hear the facts and details of this despicable act going on in Asia. Many of us have heard of the gross practice of consuming dog and cat meat in other countries. What is worse is the inhumane treatment of these animals while they are being transported to their final destination, the slaughter house. I chose this subject to write about with hopes of reaching the masses and educating people about this horrific act. It is taking place in several countries and we need to ban together to stop this! I want to warn you that what you are about to read can be very disheartening. As I researched this piece, I had a few emotional moments as I read the material before me. The graphics included with this article are harsh.  I wanted to include them to encourage people to get involved. I feel it is important to write about this because it must be acknowledged before it can be changed. Please read through.

It is estimated that 30 million dogs and an unknown number of cats enter the meat trade every year, mostly in China and South Korea. It is one of the most severe animal welfare issues according to animal rights activist. In some foreign countries, dog and cat meat is not only considered an inexpensive source of protein but a cultural dish as well. Dog meat is also believed to have medicinal purposes while on the contrary it can cause numerous health hazards. Dogs and cats in large numbers are stolen from homes, grabbed off the streets, obtained from farms, and transported long distances for the purpose of human consumption.  Dogs are typically caught with iron pinchers or makeshift metal lassos and then confined in closed quarters with no room to move. Many are transported long distances in these tightly packed cages without food or water. Some die during transport from suffocation, dehydration, or other injuries. The ones that do reach their destination are slaughtered inhumanely, bludgeoned with a metal pipes, stabbed with knives, or electrocuted. This is usually done in full view as other animals watch, waiting for the inevitable …their own death. The PEOPLESPETPALS website was created to promote health and wellness for animals. We also strive to educate people on the cruelty issues against animals, while encouraging everyone to take a moment in time to help. Please keep yourself informed on these acts of animal cruelty and do what you can to support. If you would like to sign a petition to ban the trade and slaughter of dogs for consumption please visit:


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