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  • Kim Mix posted in the group Dogs – Alaskan Klee Kai

    6 months ago

    It says there are 4 people in this group… do you all have Alaskan Klee Kai? Do you have more than 1? Do you show or compete with your AKK or aspire to? I am Kim Mix, if you are on any of the AKK pages on fb you probably know who me and my girls (Tikanni and Ms Scarlett) are. For those that do not… Ms Scarlett is my 8.5yr old Alaskan Klee Kai …. she is a “red” gal (and has all the attitude to go with that coat color…hahahaha) and Tikanni is a gray/white 8 (in May)…. both came from the same breeder in WI (Howlin’ Wins in Sun Prairie) and both girls work.

    Tikanni is a retired Certified Therapy dog. (She is retired because, well, while she loved me enough to do anything i would ask, she did not love the job. And a therapy dog should always love the job) She has competed in obedience, learned some agility, is learning some drag racing… pretty much trying to find what she really loves at this point. So far the only thing we have found she comepletely loves is running around and acting like a fool…hahahahahahaha AND, that too is okay!

    Ms Scarlett is a registered Diabetic Alert dog, so yes, a Service Dog in the true mannor. And after finding out a number of her health issues, I wanted to find something we could do to bond, that would not be too physicalfor her. She took to Nose Work… she has competed in trials across the United States and blows away those that underestimate her. In 3 trials last summer in Colorado, she came in 2nd place against dogs that would be much more considered “scenting” breeds… yup, and she could have come in first potentially had she not been so nosey and just alerted to the container the first time instead of feeling the need to check everything else out to see if there was something better along the way…hahahahaha.

    Ms Scarlett loves to wear dresses and most costumes… she actually picks them out herself. She has the complete Diva attitude and is Moms Velcro gal! Tikanni is more independant and would rather not get dressed unless it is boots to keep her feet from freezing.

    Anyway, any questions feel free… we love hearing from other AKK owners! I am also a member of the AKKAWA, and a volunteer for the AKKNR… if you have interest in either of these groups, feel free to ask me about them!

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