We are a community dedicated to bringing people and the animals they love together. With this website we hope to make new friends and network for information to promote health and wellness for animals. We hope you find our website informational as well as entertaining. A large portion of our website is dedicated to promoting animal charities. We have gathered information and organized it in such a manner to make supporting these causes easier. We hope any future endeavors will make an impact on these charities, helping all animals in need. Our goal is to build a diverse community of many kinds of animals, including some of the non-familiar and less heard of. We have included a networking section which allows you to create a profile and join various groups of interest. Currently, we have 170 groups you may join featuring different types and breeds of animals. As a member, you are not limited to joining one group, you may join as many as you like, and we encourage you to do so. Our groups include specific breeds of dogs, cats, horses, small animals, reptiles, birds, and fish. We also have a group for farm animals as well as exotic animals. If there is a breed that we have overlooked and not included, please accept our apologies. We would like to grow and enhance our website to include as many groups as possible. If you would like to include a specific breed or type of animal that we do not have listed, please send your requests to us by utilizing the form on our Contact Us page. Our website has a lot to offer, and we feel there is something for everyone. We plan to continue growing our website to include more features for you. Originally, this site was designed for inspiration and entertainment. However, we would like to use it as a platform for animal lovers to gather and pass along information to others who may gain from their experiences. Please have a look around to see all that PEOPLESPETPALS has to offer. Membership on our website is FREE, and you do not have to own an animal to join. We hope to build a community of animals and friends across the globe, a community we call the PEOPLESPETPALS family.