Most people believe their pets are heroes because of the love, loyalty, and friendship they give. For many years animals around the globe have been noted as performing heroic acts to save not only humans but other animals as well. Some of these animal heroes have been honored and others have gone without recognition. The Daily Mirror, a British national daily newspaper and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have teamed together to pick the most inspiring animals who have shown outstanding commitment to improving their owners and other people’s lives. Every year they honor the animals and individuals who have shown amazing courage and bravery, impacting and changing the lives of animals and others. They hold the ANIMAL HERO AWARDS!

Nominations for the year 2018 are complete. To view the results please check the Animal Heroes website for a list of winners. If you know an animal, individual or group who has shown exemplary acts of service and dedication. Or if you know an animal, individual or group that deserves recognition for their bravery. The Daily Mirror and the RSPCA will be looking for nominees for the 2020 Animal Hero Awards soon!

(Please check the Animal Hero Awards website for details)

We would like to thank everyone who referred and/or nominated a special person for recognition. Also, thank you to all the nominees, human or animal who have put forth a special effort or accomplished a task to make a difference. You are all heroes and we recognize your bravery and extra effort.










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