Today’s Date: 06/03/2021

Owners Name: Wendy H

Pets Name: Peko

Birth Date of Pet: 09/01/2008

Memorial Date: 09/23/2019

Eulogy: Peko came into our home when my daughter’s friend could no longer have him. We were absolutely thrilled to have him. He was an odd little guy with all sorts of quarks that made him special. He was so delicate and frail, that he seemed to be constantly getting trampled by the other dogs in the house. He had a strange hip disorder which enabled him to lay with his legs straight back like a human. He would lay in bed and look just like a little person and I just adored looking at him. He had a lot of health problems which eventually took him over the Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget all the laughter and love he brought to my home.


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Jett was adopted from a breeder and we were told he had great hunting bloodlines. We had no intentions of using him for hunting, he was to be a part of the family…a pet. His sense of smell was incredible. That dog could find anything if it had your scent on it. He was a sweetheart and the guardian of others in the house. He was always making sure every one was accounted for and safe. While his demeaner was very gentle and docile, he was a protector. As he grew older he had a problem with drooling, which many labs do. From this he acquired the name “Gooberhound”. There were times when you literally had to clean his snout because he was wrapped up in drool. My roommate and I would laugh as we would come to his aid to clean him up. Jett lived to please his master right up until his passing. If there is a doggy heaven, I’m sure he is there caretaking and watching over all the other animals.

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Charlie came into my world on Halloween. His eyes had just opened as I found him crying outside house. I believe he was a feral kitten who became separated from his litter. I searched for him several times as he wandered in and out of my yard crying, most likely searching for his mother. Everyone who saw him fell in love with him immediately. He grew to be a rather large cat with an even bigger heart. His appearance and personality were much like Garfield the fictional cartoon cat. He was a lazy, fat, cynical orang tabby cat. While he loved to sleep I don’t believe he ever had the joy of eating lasagna. He loved his dog brothers more so than the felines in the house. The dogs and him were buds! Charlie lived a long life, loving on anyone who would let him.

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I had always wanted a black cat. There is something about them that intrigues people. A close friend’s cat had a litter of kittens and there were two left looking for homes. Needless to say, I got the black kitty I always wanted. Chloe was a lover and was attached to me, more so than anyone else in the house. She was always by my side and spent every night sleeping next to me. She lived a long life with no health problems along the way. I remember taking her to the a new Vet for a routine exam and they guessed her age at being about six. The Vet did not believe me when I told him she was nineteen. She was a one person cat, and lived a long healthy life of twenty years until she passed. Chloe will always hold a special place in my heart and I cherish the special memories I have of her.

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Gunner “The Gunbun”, was the first dog I adopted as an adult. He was a yellow lab and was a lovable boy. Because he was such a great dog he prompted me to get two more labs, a chocolate and a black. He was always the big brother to the the other two. He brought our family much enjoyment while he was with us. Gunner became ill with severe arthritis that eventually affected his spine where he could no longer walk and we had to end his pain. Sadly, these two photo’s are the only two I could find of him. These pictures were taken on his last day, right before we said good-bye and he passed over the Rainbow Bridge. He will never be forgotten!

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