Today’s Date: 06/03/2021

Owners Name: Wendy H

Pets Name: Peko

Birth Date of Pet: 09/01/2008

Memorial Date: 09/23/2019

Eulogy: Peko came into our home when my daughter’s friend could no longer have him. We were absolutely thrilled to have him. He was an odd little guy with all sorts of quarks that made him special. He was so delicate and frail, that he seemed to be constantly getting trampled by the other dogs in the house. He had a strange hip disorder which enabled him to lay with his legs straight back like a human. He would lay in bed and look just like a little person and I just adored looking at him. He had a lot of health problems which eventually took him over the Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget all the laughter and love he brought to my home.


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