Today’s Date: 06/03/2021

Owners Name: Wendy H

Pets Name: Jett

Birth Date of Pet: 01/21/2006

Memorial Date: 01/27/2020

Eulogy: Jett was adopted from a breeder and we were told he had great hunting bloodlines. We had no intentions of using him for hunting, he was to be a part of the family…a pet. His sense of smell was incredible. That dog could find anything if it had your scent on it. He was a sweetheart and the guardian of others in the house. He was always making sure every one was accounted for and safe. While his demeaner was very gentle and docile, he was a protector. As he grew older he had a problem with drooling, which many labs do. From this he acquired the name “Gooberhound”. There were times when you literally had to clean his snout because he was wrapped up in drool. My roommate and I would laugh as we would come to his aid to clean him up. Jett lived to please his master right up until his passing. If there is a doggy heaven, I’m sure he is there caretaking and watching over all the other animals.


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