Today’s Date: 06/03/2021

Owners Name: Wendy H

Pets Name: Charlie

Birth Date of Pet: 09/05/1997

Memorial Date: 06/29/2015

Eulogy: Charlie came into my world on Halloween. His eyes had just opened as I found him crying outside house. I believe he was a feral kitten who became separated from his litter. I searched for him several times as he wandered in and out of my yard crying, most likely searching for his mother. Everyone who saw him fell in love with him immediately. He grew to be a rather large cat with an even bigger heart. His appearance and personality were much like Garfield the fictional cartoon cat. He was a lazy, fat, cynical orang tabby cat. While he loved to sleep I don’t believe he ever had the joy of eating lasagna. He loved his dog brothers more so than the felines in the house. The dogs and him were buds! Charlie lived a long life, loving on anyone who would let him.


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