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date: 09/26/2018


pets-name: BUSTER

date-passed-away: 01/14/2015


“BUSTER” was a big boy! At 120 lbs. he looked forward to mealtimes and was always the first to get to the dinner bowl. He was a favorite of many because of his gentle side and loving manner. His size did not keep him from acting like a lapdog, he often made his way to the top of the couch. One day Buster injured his hind leg, tearing his ACL. Surgery was not an option because of his age and weight. We tried everything we could from health supplements to leg splints, but his ACL would not heal. Eventually, his condition worsened and we were forced to make the decision to put him to rest. I think of him often and miss the times he would put his head on the side of the bed and look at me with those big brown eyes. Buster’s companionship and loyalty brought me many years of joy. I will miss him forever!


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