I am the author and the creator of this website and the PEOPLESPETPALS community. I designed this website to bring animal owners and enthusiasts together. Animals have been a part of my life since childhood, and as far back as I can remember I have always had a pet. Whether you have pets in your home or are around animals daily, I’m sure most would agree that animals bring joy and enrichment to our lives. I would like members and guests to utilize this site and enjoy all that it has to offer, I am positive there is something of interest here for everyone. While I encourage everyone to join because membership is FREE, you do not need to sign up and become a member to utilize this site. You also do not have to own a pet. My website is for everyone to enjoy and a tool to educate others who may have an interest but not want the responsibility of pet ownership. The PEOPLESPETPALS website consists of three parts 1) a website with pages that are interesting and entertaining, 2) a networking section for interaction and exchange of information among members, 3) and a blog page to generate awareness and encourage participation. Throughout the design process of this website, I included different features to make this website unlike any other animal website. I hope you find the material here useful as well as informational. My blog entries will include animal topics of interest and other material I believe to be entertaining and valuable to my readers. All topics will be animal related. Topic ideas will vary, some may include information on breeding, behavioral issues, health and wellness, nutrition, charity news and updates, etc. If you have feedback you would like to share, it can be sent directly to me using the form on the Contact Us page. I would like to thank you in advance for your thoughts, your input is greatly appreciated. The success of this website is important to me and it will remain my priority. Whether you decide to join as a member or just participate as a guest, I would like you to join me in promoting the PEOPLESPETPALS website to make it a success. I am 100% invested in this site and there are no limits to its possibilities. I would like to be an advocate for animals everywhere and to see them benefit in every way possible. Thanks to all who participate in making this venture a success.