Each year millions of animals are abused, and animal cruelty  is happening all over the world. Animals can be mistreated in many different ways. Animal neglect, animal exploitation, human predation, and animal testing are all categorized as forms of abuse. Today, more then ever. we are seeing animals abused and exploited in film, on the internet , and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Whatever type of harm that is imposed on an animal, the impact is huge and in many cases the animal abuse results in death for the animal. We need to fight to stop the pain, fear, and desperation that  abused animals have to endure. We as a people, need to be the voices of our animal friends and fight for fairness and justice for them. In our fight against animal cruelty we need to spread awareness, educate others on what animal cruelty is, and we need to impose stricter laws with tougher punishments on those perpetrators. PEOPLESPETPALS would like to provide you with the resources and tools to report crimes against animals as you witness them. We ask anyone who witnesses animal abuse to call the local authorities to report this criminal behavior. We respect your privacy and want to provide you with the resources to report animals abuse while remaining anonymous. Thank you for working with us in our fight to stop animal abuse.

If you know of an animal that is in imminent danger. Please call your local police department. If the police are unresponsive, please call PETA immediately at 757-622-7382. You may report any type of animal cruelty directly to PETA (PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS) directly through their website using the link below. Thank you for doing your part to stop animal abuse.